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Women undergoing chemotherapy for cancer deal daily with the stress that such treatment and the uncertainty of the diagnosis bring. The Woman to Woman Campaign seeks to alleviate or eliminate the added stress that underserved and economically disadvantaged women must face in paying for critically needed drugs and treatments that are beyond their financial means and often, even if insured, are refused by insurance companies for coverage. Freedom from financial worry for themselves and access to experimental medications, life saving treatments, and necessary assistance connected with any part of their chemotherapy are the goals. Your contribution is the important element that can provide these medically necessary services. A tax-deductible gift to the Woman to Woman Campaign will make a real difference in someone's life. As a donor, you will receive regular updates on how the fund is being used and who is being served. Semi-annual meetings will provide you with the opportunity to meet those served and their doctors. Our immediate goal is to find 100 women who will pledge $1,000 a year for five (5) years to provide Initial funding, but any gift from any donor will help. Please contribute today! YES! I am committed to the Pacific Shores Foundation's new Woman to Woman Fund.
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